Math heavy

cloverleaf antenna set

The ARRL Antenna Book


video to ascii: AAlib, libcaca and jp2a

“Free” energy –

“Free” energy –

Lots of links to everything –

Techni-tools offer good EE equipment –

RPi scripts (backups and whatnots)

Finally, a good argument against robots. Now we can talk.

A good place to start –

Small waterproof usb borescope webcam

MDL 1D laser

Cheap 1D lasers

Make your own laser range finder (TOF)

Lots of good hobby robots

Even more cad software

More cad softare

DesignSpark Mechanical Design software

CAD Software

RPi – controlling motors

multimeters and plants

blog/resources – pushbutton robotics

shop – sparkfun

RC arduino

Variable impedance actuators

What to expect from robots

embedded programming, news, design, etc

scissor lift calculator

mechanical computations

Mechanical mechanisms


shop – ServoCity

shop – mouser electronics

shop – maxon motors

shop – logic supply (computers)

shop – hobby partz

Lectures – Berkeley – Mechanical Engineering 220

Lectures – Berkeley – Mechanical Engineering 110

Lectures – Berkeley – Mechanical Engineering 106

Lectures – Berkeley – Electrical Engineering 100

Make your own hub motor (good info)

ar-cad freeCAD

Linkage Mechanism simulator



Yenka – simulator for gears, electronics, etc

Sounds card to control servos

So you want to build a robot?

Trossen Robot Bootcamps

Raspberry Pi expansion boards

Raspberry PI pins explained


Back driving motors

Robot Dreams – Resources

Choosing a motor and gearing combination

Gimball UAV

Robot’s spine

Robot Dragon – Quite possibly my favorite robot…

News – Robot that plays board game

Poppy – humanoid robot

Shop – Trossen Robotics

shop – Scooter parts (motors and stuff)

How diodes work

Moe – robotic sheep lawn mower

automatic speaker tracking (i-vectors)

Transitioning from software to hardware

How to make gears

AI – modified NN

Flexible gripper (air)

Design of machine elements