Six on Six

We hit up six touristy places on day six.

1) Our backup plan if we didn’t see any bioluminescent squid on the beach the previous night was to visit the museum dedicated to the creatures. There was a live demonstration where they turned off the lights and agitated them so you could see them glow. In another room you could touch the squid. One bit me (a little pin prick sensation, nothing serious) so expect me to have some sort of mutation or super power the next time you see me.

From Toyama bay, we hopped on a train to Kanazawa.

2) The ninja temple was next on our list. The name is a little misleading. It had nothing to do with ninjas, but rather the temple had many traps and hidden features to help defend against invaders. For example, there were false walls for samurai to hide behind, ready to jump out into the main room if a guest turned violent. They also had many of the classics, such as hidden doors, hidden stairs, and pits if you stood in the wrong location.

3) After the ninja temple, we visited the samurai house. This place had a lovely garden area with water features and a tea room where we had tea overlooking the garden. They had a few samurai things on display such as armor, swords, and coins.

4) The samurai house was relaxing, but the Zen museum took it up a notch (or would that be down a notch?). The museum showed info on the guy who is credited for making Zen Buddhism popular around the world. There was a large shallow pool there that was calm and smooth. Every few minutes, a device caused ripples in the pool which slowly spread out from it’s source. 

5) Behind the museum was a walking park/garden area. Almost everyone in Japan has a garden at their house. As my wife put it, everyone in Japan is a professional gardener. The parks then need to take it to the next level. It’s just something they do and they do it well.

6) Lastly, we went to a contemporary art and sculpture museum. They had a few interesting exhibits including a halfdome made up of metal halfdomes. It gave an interesting effect when you stood inside.

To end the night, we did dinner at a German bar.