Day 9: Kyoto

We came into Kyoto by train in the morning. The Ninnaji temple complex was first on our list of things to see today. Gale said it was pretty standard as temple complexes go, but this was my first so it was interesting for me to see. Then we stopped at another temple called Tenryuji. Japan might have more temples than the US has Starbucks. This one had a nice pond and meditation area.

Next up was a bamboo grove. It was fun to walk through, especially when the wind blew and they swayed.

As the day turned to night, we proceeded to a district known for its Gaisha. We watched a show that had a Gaisha dance, tea ceremony, an elaborate puppet show, a comedy sketch, and a flower arrangement demonstration.

After the show, we were walking to a temple and saw an actual Gaisha going to an appointment.

The temple was lit up and pretty. There was a raised walkway in one area where instead of cutting tree branches to make room for the walkway, they left holes in the walkway and built around the branches.

That night, we stayed in a Japanese style hotel room. The bed mattress was on the floor and the room was small, but cozy. The desk and chair were super low to the ground too. It made us feel like giants.