Day 4: Tokyo tour

We ate some tasty donuts off the beaten path today. On the way back to the train, we saw a Pepper robot out in the wild. It was selling household appliances in a shop about 8ft by 10ft in size. I was not expecting that.

Next we went to the Ghibli Studio museum. It was fun to see all the film and animation stuff they create even if I hadn’t seen most of their movies.

After that, we stopped in the owl cafe to pet and hold the owls. It was pretty amazing! I would probably visit once a week if I lived in the area.

To round off the evening, we had drinks at a bar next to a giant (possibly life sized?) Godzilla head. Every half-hour it would flash lights and smoke would come out it’s mouth. Walking back to the train station after drinks we saw another Pepper robot. This one was at a karaoke bar and was singing.