Foxy Day Five

We headed north to Zao (don’t worry, the Tokyo natives hadn’t heard of it either) on the shinkansen – a super fast train. The ride was smooth and relaxing. There we went to the fox village, which is a cross between a wildlife preserve and a zoo for foxes. They had other animals there too, such as goats, a crow, and rabbits, but the main attraction was the foxes. We fed the foxes and then got to briefly hold one. Very soft and fluffy.

From there, we took the train to Toyama bay to see the squids. None had washed up on the beach like we had hoped, but I enjoyed the walk with my wife anyway. We were getting tired, so we went back to the hotel for a late night noodle snack and then to bed.

Day 4: Tokyo tour

We ate some tasty donuts off the beaten path today. On the way back to the train, we saw a Pepper robot out in the wild. It was selling household appliances in a shop about 8ft by 10ft in size. I was not expecting that.

Next we went to the Ghibli Studio museum. It was fun to see all the film and animation stuff they create even if I hadn’t seen most of their movies.

After that, we stopped in the owl cafe to pet and hold the owls. It was pretty amazing! I would probably visit once a week if I lived in the area.

To round off the evening, we had drinks at a bar next to a giant (possibly life sized?) Godzilla head. Every half-hour it would flash lights and smoke would come out it’s mouth. Walking back to the train station after drinks we saw another Pepper robot. This one was at a karaoke bar and was singing.

Day 3: Fujisan

It was cold today, but it was worth it to be able to get a clear view of Mt Fuji. We took a cable car to the top of a neighboring mountain to get a better view, then walked around the lake to explore the town there. We also ate some giant-noodle dish that was served in a cast iron pot.

Day 2: Revenge of the Airport Gods

Yesterday we stormed Shurijo castle in Okinawa before catching a flight back to Tokyo. The castle looked great, although it looked like new construction. This is because it was rebuilt after burning down in the 1940s. I’m not complaining, it just  gave the place a different feel. My flights out to Japan and to Okinawa were over the weekend and I had no problems whatsoever, however we had a 4 hour delay getting back to Tokyo. My theory is that the angry Japanese airport gods only work on weekdays. Between the flight and train ride to our lodgings, we got in between midnight and 1am. 4 hours of sleep later, we are back on a train heading to Mt Fuji.

Ok, Okinawa

I’m in Japan! My first day was spent watching a roller derby tournament in Okinawa, which was fun. I took video and pictures for the Tokyo team. Those will enentually be posted, along with all my other trip photos and videos. I’ll post links once they are up.