Speculations while we wait

Team Rhubarb ranked at least 92nd place out of 405 teams according to this (official) site.

I like the map and seeing how many other countries signed up, although I wish you could zoom in a little.

When teams asked for clarification, the “92 teams competed” translates to “92 teams were eligible to submit files during the Qualification Round, not the number of teams that competed.” I.e. it is possible not all teams submitted log files. Which means, at the very least, of the 92 teams that were eligible to submit files, I did better than the teams that did not submit log files (duh) and likely ranked better than teams that submitted log files for only one of the two tasks. If I were to make a conservative guess, I’d say I ranked between 75th and 50th. I suspect we’ll get some more numbers once the 20 finalists are announced on (or around) January 31st.